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Implementing 75 Bit PIV Cards
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The Special 48 Bit Formatting will allow support of 75-bit PIV cards with PIV enabled readers. In order to use 75 bit PIV, an EP controller must be used.


  1. Navigate to System | Sites
  2. Edit the Site using 75 Bit PIV cards
  3. Select Card Options
  4. Check Use Large Card Numbers
  5. Click Save
    All SCPs on the site will go through a reset and cards will temporarily stop working.
  6. Log off of Access It! Universal
  7. Log into Access It! Universal
  8. Navigate to Main | Hardware
  9. Select SCPs
  10. Edit the EP controller
  11. Select the Card Formats tab
  12. Select Edit Card Formats
  13. Click New
  14. Name the card format 75 Bit PIV
  15. Set the card format as outline in the 75 Bit Wiegand PIV Card Format article
  16. Click OK
  17. Assign the 75 Bit PIV card format
  18. Assign a facility code of -1
  19. Click Save
    The SCP will reset and cards will temporarily stop working.

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