Improved Elevator Configuration


Elevator configuration has been enhanced within Access It! Universal v4.x.

Any existing elevator configuration will not need to be modified.


  • Once assigned to an elevator reader, any associated inputs/outputs are no longer displayed in the respective Installed Inputs/Outputs sections. This is done so that any direct control or configuration changes to each point inadvertently affect the elevator reader or any floors.
  • All Inputs associated to an elevator reader now inherit their configuration from the Door Contact Configuration of the elevator reader
  • All Outputs associated to the elevator reader now inherit their configuration from the Strike Drive Mode of the elevator reader.
  • When a floor is energized, the respective output no longer displays Activate/Deactivate within the event journal
  • When an Access Granted command is issued within Access It! Universal, a dialog box is presented allowing for granting access to all floors, or a specific floor.
  • A new option has been introduced allowing for a Prox and PIN reader to be used where after a valid card swipe, a specific floor can be requested using the PIN portion of the reader. Aside from elevator control, this feature could be utilized with controlling groups of storage lockers.

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  • 25-Apr-2014