Access It! Lite.NET Client / Server Configuration

General Notes

  1. Must be able to ping the server (the computer hosting the database) from the client by name or IP address
  2. Exceptions may need to be added to firewalls running on the server for the AILiteWinSvc.exe located in the .\Program Files\RS2 Technologies\Access It! Lite.NET folder
  3. When either the server or client is in a Workgroup environment, the Windows Username and Password that is being used to log into the Client computer must exist and match exactly as a Local User on the server

Managing Windows Usernames and Passwords On The Server

  1. Right click My Computer and select Manage
  2. Double click Local Users and Groups
  3. Select Users
  4. Right click in the right pane of the window and select New User…
    For more information on creating and managing user accounts, refer to Windows Help and Support.

Troubleshooting Errors

Couldn't connect to service – verify service is running.

  • The service is not running on the local machine

Couldn't connect to service – verify service is running on SERVERNAME, the correct TCP port is specified and the firewall is properly configured.

  • The service is not running on Server
  • The Port Number is incorrect or unavailable
  • The Firewall is not configured for the Access It! Lite.NET service

Couldn't connect to service – No DNS entries exist for host SERVERNAME.

  • The server name is incorrect or unavailable

The server has rejected credentials for USERNAME. Verify that the user name and password for this user are valid at the server.

  • The Windows username/password does not match between client and server

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  • 14-Mar-2018